Supporting Cups

to help partners communicate during the ritual of grieving
Wooden cups on/in white earthenware tray

During the process of moving through grief, communication is important. It provides an emotional outlet and a way to process grief. Especially when grief is shared between two partners as in the case of a medically-advised abortion.

These cups were designed to work as a way to start a conversation and at the same time to console. To allow a spouse to say “I know. I hear you.” It uses the symbolism of materials, combined with that of providing a warm drink and makes it represent the partners; snugly together.

The wood, apart from it’s associations also allows the cup to change. As they are used, the cups get stained, changing with the people and their grief. Finally becoming a keepsake and reminder.

Hands holding cup, drinking from cup and shape idea drawings

The shape of the cup is meant to be comforting and friendly.

Product life-cycle including staining and finally use as a flower pot

As the wood stains through use, the cups change over time, reflecting their users. Closing of the emotional recovery, the cup can be re-used as a flower pot.

Acacia wood, white earthenware, hands

The acacia wood is important not only because it changes with the user, but also because it is associated with warmth, happiness, idealism & co-operation. This is both contrasted and complemented by the peaceful white earthenware.